Ship’s voyage repair at China port


voyage repair scope as your reference:

l         Overhaul/repair for various kinds of main and auxiliary engines

l         Repair for ship’s automation equipment

l         Steel work repair/renewal

l         Overhaul/repair for various kinds of turbochargers, governors, pumps, and nozzles

l         Inspection/repair for Communication/navigation equipment

l         Inspection/repair for generators, motors, and other electric equipment

l         Repair for Air-conditioning system and refrigerators

l         Underwater inspection and repair (with the shore monitoring system)

l         Fire safety equipment service (with classification or manufacturer’s certificate);

l         Inspection/repair for the system of oil eliminator and oil-water separator(with inspection certificate);

l         Repair/chemical cleaning for various kinds of heat exchangers; Repair the boiler with professional working team;

l         Repair/installation for hydraulic equipment;

l         Brake band renewal for anchor windlass/winch and mooring winch.


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